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August 2023

Wishing everyone a happy Summer.

So thankful for the recent rain!! Better late than never. Its seems to have been all around us but never falling here!!

Summer on the farm this year has been a challenge!! After an intense haymaking & silaging time we started feeding our winter bales 6 weeks ago to our cattle as the ground was so dry and the grass had stopped growing! Always a nail-biting situation! However, the cattle have continued to grow and thrive well & we have had 35 healthy strong calves born, including 2 sets of twins all born outside in the fields.

The summer months are always busy as we also cater at lots of summer fêtes & our fabulous local Market at Les Hérolles with our 'Posh-Kebabs'

Work has now started in the fields preparing for our late summer seed drilling which will provide more winter feed for the cows in the fields. Today's rain has been very welcoming and we now look forward to some sun to help grow the grass and germinate the winter crops.

January 2023

‘Happy New Year' to everyone.

Here at La Perrière we are celebrating being here in France for 7 years. When we moved in January 2016 we brought with us our prize wining pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull & 8 of our best breeding cows, 7 years later we now have 135 cows, 110 of them have been born and raised here.

Home for the animals is perfect, lush pastures in unspoilt countryside, room to allow us to expand our herd and give them the very best living conditions. That was our first priority.

Our next goal was to equip a state of the art butchery where we could hang our meat for 30 days prior to butchering it. We produce both British and French cuts of beef, everything from Fillet steak to Merlan which we think is one of the reasons that we now have such a wide range of customers who live all over France. Our Grass Aberdeen Angus beef can now be delivered across the whole of France using Chronofresh delivery service, or customers are welcome to place orders and collect straight from our farm by appointment. We have our fresh beef available every month starting February/March time.

When we first moved here, home for us was not quite so luxurious. Our 250 year old stone farmhouse hadn’t been updated for at least 50 years. Coping without the modern amenities (like a washing machine and hot water) was a bit difficult with 4 year old twin boys whose favourite past time was playing in the mud no matter what the weather.

We had a fabulous Christmas and were very busy in our butchery getting orders of our fresh grass-fed Aberdeen Angus boeuf out to customers all across France, i know many of you have bought our beef after seeing my news updates on here so thank you for your support & for following our adventures on our farm.

This year is an exciting year for us as we are about to embark on having a farm open day & starting to do some farm catering events which we will open up to the public, so please watch this space for more exciting news about this.We will also be doing a few local markets with our Grass-fed Aberdeen Angus Posh-Kebabs and will now be found in the undercover food hall at Les Herolles monthly market in Vienne -86 on the 29th of every month starting from April.

As many of you know I love cooking and am often posting photos of the delicious meals i cook using our beef, as many of you have requested the recipes these are slowly being added to our website for you to try so again please do follow us @laperrierangusboeuf on our Facebook page or Instagram page and check back here for updates. We also love receiving your photos and reviews when you've cooked our beef or tried our recipes so please keep these coming!!

This time of year is always busy as we spend our days feeding the cattle the hay, sorghum & silage we've made during the summer months. Some of our cattle are also fed on stubble turnips which we strip graze each day, this means they get a certain amount to feed off. Stubble turnips play a very important role on our farm not just to feed the cattle & give them a very nutritious diet but also to feed the soil converting the biomass & energy from the plants & returning it into the soil. The major reason we use stubbles and sorghum on our farm is they are both brilliant plants at aiding soil drainage and soil conditioning. Their roots are natural decompacters helping to improve soil water drainage and soil structure without the use of heavy machinery and diesel. As you can see from my photos our cattle certainly love eating them.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the last year. Please continue to follow us on our journey & Look forward to hearing from you over the next year. Xx Hannah & Duncan