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Our cattle are grass fed better for our health, better for the environment & better for the planet.

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La Perriere is a beautiful 203 acre farm located in La Brenne National Park, in the heart of the lush, nature rich French Countryside. Duncan & Hannah have now lived at La Perriere for 7 years in January 2023, with their twin boys George & Freddie who are already farmers in the making.

Duncan’s family have been farming for over 200 years as he grew up on a livestock farm, farming is very much in his blood. Hannah’s family were long life butchers, so they had a huge enthusiasm for the outdoor traditional way of living and farming, and they love good food! The journey began back in 2009 after moving to Partridge Farm in Devon & unable to consistently source really good local meat products they became disillusioned with intensive rearing of livestock and meat production & wanted to get back to traditional farming practices and values.

Starting on a cottage industry scale, they raised Gloucester Old Spots, butchering them themselves, curing bacon, air drying hams and salamis, sausages and black puddings. They were so taken aback by the unbelievable flavours they obtained, they decided to dedicate themselves to breeding and butchering Traditional Breed livestock the natural way.

In 2013 & 2014 they won the BEST Producer Award with Food & Drink Devon & Outstanding Product Award with their Grass-fed Aberdeen Angus Sirloin steak along with 9 Taste of the West Awards & also a Countryside Alliance Rural Oscar for the best Butcher in the South West! 2015 Partridge Farm was put up for sale and the decision was made to move to France to buy a bigger farm and have a better way of life & in January 2016 along with Woodington Topgun the farm's pedigree bull and 8 of their top breeding pedigree female Angus cows the family and contents of Partridge Farm moved into La Perriere in the sleepy hamlet of Bernier just outside Lignac, France.

Here at La Perriere we now have two pedigree bulls called Cherry Brandy & Kilcardine. Cherry Brandy is from the Warrenho herd in Hampshire. We also have 40 breeding Aberdeen Angus cows that graze the fields all year round & are in total harmony with the nature here. The wildlife at La Perriere is hugely important to us, not only as a source of visual pleasure but as an indication of the high health that our farming system produces. All our cattle are grass fed creating a strong depth of flavour. We then dry age all our Beef and hang it for a minimum of 35 days.