Our Animals

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Aberdeen Angus Cattle

Here at La Perriere we have our very own herd of Aberdeen Angus Cattle. We have 1 pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull called Woodington – Top Gun from the Woodington herd in Witheridge, Devon back in England & 45 breeding Aberdeen Angus cows. All our cattle are entirely grass fed, traditional Angus. The reason we decided to keep Angus is that they do very well being purely grass fed. Aberdeen Angus has been bred over many centuries to ensure great eating. The beef has a perfect balance of fat and lean with the essential “marbling” of fine threads of fat interwoven with the lean to ensure tenderness, succulence and flavour.

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Texel x Sheep

We have around 70 breeding ewes with 2 beautiful pedigree Texel Rams. All our sheep are 100% grass fed all their lives. They have plenty of space and graze the fields in small groups. They are grown slowly to around 8-15 months when they reach maturity naturally. Then hung for around 2 weeks to produce a beautiful rich flavour which we then butcher to request.

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Happy animals

The cattle are only brought into barns over winter when necessary. They are bedded down using straw which has come from the barley we harvest in the summer & are fed hay which we also make from the beautiful lush grass we cut in the summer. The sheep only come into the barns to lamb and again eat our own hay.